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Graduate Student Research Conference 2006

Call for Papers

The Department of Computer Science at the University of California at Santa Barbara is sponsoring the First Annual Computer Science Graduate Student Research Conference to (a) highlight research within the department, (b) promote the exchange of ideas among students working in research areas related to computing, and (c) familiarize new graduate students with the research conducted within our department. All graduate students are invited to submit 2-page abstracts describing recent and continuing work. Selected abstracts will appear in proceedings that will subsequently appear as a technical report. Approximately 10-15 of the submitted abstracts will be selected for presentation. There will be an award for best presentation, to be decided by the audience.

Submissions are encouraged in any area of computing.


The abstract should describe the essential ideas in the research and have a short bibliography that includes any papers or technical memoranda on which the abstract is based. Abstracts should also include at least one figure. The first page of the abstract must begin with a title, the author's name(s) and e-mail address(es). Joint submissions by students are acceptable. The student making the presentation, however, should submit the paper. Papers and presentations should be aimed at a general computer science audience.

Papers should be formatted according to the ACM SIG Proceedings templates. You may omit the copyright notice and the block of space at the bottom of the first column. Papers should be submitted as PDF documents with no page numbers. The printed proceedings will be in black-and-white, but color will be displayed in the electronic version.

Papers submitted shortly after the deadline may be included in the proceedings, but will not necessarily be considered for presentation.

Submit your abstract on or before the June 9th deadline. You can edit and view all papers submitted, as well, at a later time.

Cover Design

We are also seeking designs and images for the cover of the printed proceedings that relate to computer science. It might, for example, include an early encryption machine or an image from a visualization project demonstrating a new technique. All ideas are welcome. Please submit images (Postscript or PDF only) to Allan Knight. Note that the printed proceedings will be in black and white.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:   June 9th, 2006
Author Notification:    September 6th, 2006
Workshop:    October 9th, 2006

2006 Program Committee

Matthew S. Allen (Co-Chair)    Distributed Systems
Allan Knight (Co-Chair)    Education Technology
Steve DiVerdi    Computer Vision
Sotiria Lampoudi    Computational Science and Engineering
Darren Mutz    Network Security
Sara Woodworth    Theory
Kimaya Mittal    Wireless Networking
Viral Shah    Scientific Computing
Priya Nagpurkar    Compilers
Ryan Dixon    Architecture
Ahmed Metwally    Database Systems
Vebjorn Ljosa    Bioinformatics


Fred Chong

Administrative Support

Greta Halle
Amanda Hoagland
Sandy Jacobs
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