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Graduate Student Workshop on Computing 2007

Invited Poster Presentations

  Vikram Aggarwal   Design of Experiments in Software Engineering  
  Greg Banks   Malware: Orthogonal Modes of Operation  
  Prashanth Aravinda Kumar   Congestion-Aware Rate Adaptation in Wireless Networks: A Measurement-Driven Approach  
  Nicholas Larusso   Improved Probabilistic Segmentation of Horizontal Cells  
  Alan Savage   Life-Cycle Aware Computer Architecture: Reusing Silicon in the Technology Food Chain  
  Jonathan A. Ventura   Automatic Segmentation of Aerial Photographs  
  Christo Wilson   Fairness Attacks in the Explicit Control Protocol  
  Ping Wu   Towards Keyword Driven Analytical Processing  
  Lei Yang   Proactive Channel Access in Dynamic Spectrum Networks  
  Wei Zhang   Hybrid Simulation: Augmented Reality for Wireless Sensor Networks  
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