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Graduate Student Workshop on Computing 2007

Workshop Schedule

8:45-9:00   TBD   Opening Remarks
Morning Session
9:00-9:15   Shashidhar Mysore   System Analysis through 3D-Integration - Architecture
9:15-9:30   Vikram Aggarwal   The structure and generation of Non-graded Finite Difference Octree Grids
9:30-9:45   Stacy Patterson   Environmental Tomography
9:45-10:00   Fang Yu   Automated Size Analysis for Object-Oriented Systems
10:00-10:15   Daniel A. Vaquero   An Analysis of Shadows in Camera-Light Pairs and Its Application to Multiflash Depth Edge Detection
10:15-10:30   Break  
10:30-11:30   Russell Quong, Invited Speaker   Software at Google: Tolerance in the face of pretty much everything
11:30-1:00   Poster Session Lunch   Poster Presentations
Afternoon Session
1:00-1:15   Marco Cova   Anomaly-based Detection of State Violations in Web Applications
1:15-1:30   Aydin Buluc   On the Representation and Multiplication of Sparse Matrices
1:30-1:45   Marc Griesemer   Modeling and Simulation of Protein-Protein Interactions in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
1:45-2:00   Krishna Puttaswamy   Searching for Rare Objects using Index Replication
2:00-2:15   Lamia Youseff   Evaluating the Impact of Xen on the Performance of NAS Parallel Benchmarks
2:15-2:30   TBD   Closing Remarks
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